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This site & soaps are a collaboration between a mother & son on something they both enjoy... being creative.

Any of you who've been here before know I like to keep busy... so between university, sports and life time to blog is hard to find but when I can I do.
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Mom's - Bracelets

Mom has spent the last few months creating these bracelets with glass beads from Austin Hamilton. Should I add them to my Etsy page?


LazyTcrochet said...

While your Mom's bracelets are oh-so-pretty and she's encouraged you to do your own thang, I think they might be out-of-place in your soap shop. That's the great thing about Etsy....anyone can do it!

Joanna said...

They are very nice. I'd love to see a picture of one of them on a wrist to see how it hangs...pretty beads.

Joanna said...

lazytcrochet has a good point. Make this about you. Let her open a shop if she wants to do jewelry. You can always point to eachother

Sara said...

Very nice. This is an interesting blog you have here. I love your shop/blog name. I'll be back :).

SoapWithBalls said...

Thanks. She hadn't asked me to add them I just was thinking about it but I thought the same thing ...WAY too girlie...LOL

Joanna said...

You are a honey for thinking of your mother and it shows. :)

Theresa H. Hall said...

Absolutely. Women will be you biggest shoppers and we always enjoy pretty fragile things. So YES.

The_Sphinx's World said...

The bracelets look gorgeous! I see you're a good son. You can always feature her craft in one of your posts, or you can also tell her to have her own site. I'm sure a lot of us, women, will check her stuff too.

Dawn Hitchcock said...

Your Mum does gorgeous work:)
Think I would have her open her
own shop....think she would
really enjoy it. Then she
could chat with us old cronnies. lol

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