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This site & soaps are a collaboration between a mother & son on something they both enjoy... being creative.

Any of you who've been here before know I like to keep busy... so between university, sports and life time to blog is hard to find but when I can I do.
ps I really enjoy reading your comments.


Monday, January 4, 2010


Was home for about a month. Hit a few parties and had a good time.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Merry Christmas !!

Home for the holidays. Will try & post an update soon.

Friday, November 6, 2009

time flies

home for a weekend, laundry needs done ;')
really enjoying University but hoping not to catch H1N1, our school is getting bad.

Mom's trip went well and she is feeling much better.

I haven't got time for soaps so she made a few & I have one on my Etsy site too.

See u at Christmas.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Cool how my legs look short in this pic.

Well I'm away at University now and the days are flying by. I really like my campus and so far classes are cool. My new Mac is workin great, so much easier. I made the ball team and we are away every weekend to another university playing, so I haven't had much chance to take in the weekend fun yet but I will.

Mom is on the mend from June's scare , she has a ways to go but seems to be doing better. I drop in home mid week to check on things. She plans on a dog show in BC next month so I guess she's feeling better.

Well gotta go write a paper and grab a bite...


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

Had the boys to the beach this week. Its been crazy hot & humid here. TO was good, bought some new t-shirts, saw the Jays & Yankees play two games. Cool seats right behind home plate!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Off to Toronto

Heading out in a few to TO, just sitting here on my laptop waiting to board. I'm playing three games while there and also takin in the Jays/ Yankees games.

Summer has been flying by, looking forward to Uni in a few weeks, except for leaving my girlfriend home. Hope we can continue from a distance.

Forgot to post a couple of pics from grad so I'll add them here.

Well they just called my flight.


three Amigos

Friday, May 1, 2009

Soap descriptions

I try to add a bit of humor to my soap descriptions here are a few I did before.
Link to my sold soaps with decription & pics.

Whats your favorite?

Fearless Pitball- pink ball soap :

This little soap ball is looks like it might be feminine and soft...HA! This one is ready to roll head on... into the deepest, darkest, smelliest ...PITS ...never fear Pitball's here! Of course these brave pitballs will also venture over other rough terrain tackling assorted issues along the way.These tough & rugged beauties are fresh off the rack, the drying rack that is...Hand milled & a light berry scent and a scoop of coral jojoba beads then hand rolled into pitballs and back to the drying rack.

Blackstrap licorice:
She's a are the first in a line of soap bricks...they are great stacked in a pile, always ready to get to work, building you up to face the day... or night....

Cut lumber:

These babies are a soap log cut into two exactly alike as you can see. This soap...its rough and unfinished, also loaded with rye & flax seeds for scrubbers and honey to soothe your skin.Each chunk has its own characteristics , it is lightly scented with Sweet Orange EO but smells more 'homey ( not homely ) - old fashioned' to me.This is for 1 chunky piece of soap cut from a lumber log. ( see front page lumber section ) The chunks vary in weight as they are ruff cut and unpolished, ( kinda like me) ...minimum is 10 oz...yup over 1/2 pound each !I like to keep my soaps simple, yet good for you when possible so I went with Rooibos infused water, 100% olive oil, ground flax & rye for scrubbers, cinnamon, ground pear pieces and sweet orange EO. Rooibos is is an amazing herb, unique to the mountains of South Africa; it's benefits as a tea taken internally, as well as in skin preparations are thought to be numerous. It is known for it's anti-itching properties and soothing effects on eczema, psoriasis, diaper or prickly heat rashes, and acne; it's zinc and alpha hydroxy content is high. ( I can't make any claims for any of those things, I just like the scent & color.)

Prepare to be boarded Matey !! :

How'd you like to scrape the barnacles off of me rudder? There is nothing better after a long day of plunderin at sea than relaxin in a nice hot bath with a bar bursting with goats milk, kaolin clay, real 'dead sea' mud and coarse dead sea salt...scented with a blend of Bladderwrack and Sweet Orange essential oils. Blackbeard himself would approve of this sword cleaner... and he should know as he was rumored to have had 14 wives.Even landlubbers can't resist the call of the sea in this bar.

Amstaff vs hose

Testimonials on my soap

I saw SoapWithBalls in a forum post a few weeks ago and was so intrigued with the fabulous shop name and even more intrigued that the avatar for a soap shop was of a young man, I just had to click! After reading the shop announcement written by his mom I really wanted to give this shop it's first sale. My family (my hard working carpenter husband, a sweaty skate boarding teenage son, and a stinky little league catcher) love handmade soap and purchase all of our soap on Etsy. When I saw the manly soap in super large sizes, I thought, this is perfect.

After my purchase, he promptly sent me a thank you convo and shipping information. The communication and customer service I received was wonderful and refreshing. After receiving my Cut Lumber 10oz. bar of soap, I proudly presented it to my dear husband and he immediately took it with him into the shower. I'll tell ya, I've never seen a cleaner man in my life! I wish you the best of luck with your shop, and I will be back when our Cut Lumber starts thinning out :)


Cut Lumber-this is a huge bar of hunky soap perfect for that dirty hunky manly man in your life. This soap is definitely ballsy and not for sissies! No foo foo girly smelling soap here!

Blackstrap Licorice-Licorice was my favorite candy when I was a kid and the smell of this soap makes me want to take a bite out of it! 

Now I'm eyeing that lilac soap, it looks lovely!

3. Blestbeads-
-Yummy, yummy, yummy...

His soaps, I mean. He sent me some incredibly luscious soaps and I am SO happy with my purchase! He is the best cabana boy ever- make sure you have all of his products for your own cabana!