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Any of you who've been here before know I like to keep busy... so between university, sports and life time to blog is hard to find but when I can I do.
ps I really enjoy reading your comments.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Extreme Chinese Crested Racing he goes...

We've all seen 'extreme car racing or extreme fighting'... but have you ever seen
 'extreme crested racing' ? I have...yesterday,  it was warm & a bit windy here and I had the dogs out back. Joker decided he had energy to burn and took off for about 15 minutes of 'extreme racing' around the yard.  It was as if he was being chased by the Devil himself...maybe he was, but all I saw were leaves occasionally getting kicked up in his wake as he followed a track only he could see around & around the yard. It of course led right through a few of the muddiest part of the yard. Oh well, you can't be a pretty boy show dog every day.

I managed to snap a few action shots of the fun.
A momentary break with Rosie...

After a few laps he stopped to look over his 'track' before taking off again....notice the feet...

What mud?

Fifteen minutes later a happy worn out racer takes a break...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Local 'Loverboy' struck down...

Last night during the wee hours while the rest of the neighbors were snug in their beds ,with visions of sugar plum dancing in their heads, a local Loverboy was attacked and torn apart by two thugs. 

Police apprehended the two not far from the crime scene after following a trail of 'fluff'. 
One of the suspects, a male teen, ( well known to local authorities ) still had fibres from Loverboy on his coat. The other male hung his head in shame and has never before been involved in anything like this say local authorities .
" It was a suprise to me that xxxx was involved in anything like this " said a local man, who also witnessed the crime. " xxxx is usually such a momma's boy and very quiet. It must have been the influence of the younger more unruley teen" said Mr. H Bear who was putting up his Christmas decorations and heard the commotion, but was too late to help.

Authorities now have the two suspects behind bars awaiting a hearing before the local judge, however given that the judge knew Loverboy and was rather fond of the lad, its doubtful the two thugs will be released anytime soon.

^Two suspects in local jail. ^

We will miss you Loverboy.

Loverboy is by:

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fudge anyone?

Currently girl-fiend-less so a bit more time to hang with my friends. 
Mom has been thinking of starting a gourmet fudge company for over a year now and has been sourcing ingredients & flavors , she has a friend in the bakery supply industry so will be able to get unusual ingredients and flavors not easily found. I get to be a guinea pig...nom, nom....

She's trying to decide on a catchy name...and is tossing a few around:

Not Your Grandma's Fudge
Oh Fudge! ( but its taken)
Ol' Fart Fudge
Forbidden Fudge ( me likies) 

Apparently she's going to do them like our soaps in loaves with lots of cool colors & flavors 
( Blackberry Champagne, Pralines N Cream, Raspberry N Cream, lots of Creme de Menthe, Natural Madagascar Vanilla Sugar etc) with a real 'artsy' look. Slivered almonds, dried raspberry & cranberries, dark chocolate etc. She's big on the visual part of food and will have a Organic  line too. I suggested  'Orgasmic Organic' but she says that may turn a few peeps

 Anyway, since I'm home this morning so thought I'd jump in & post to let you know I'm still kickin. Hockey has been good, slight injury to my shoulder in a shoulder vs. boards ( after hit) matchup, but have scored a few and had a few 'chats' with my know the 'hows your momma' type of thing...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

deeper side?

Lately I've been wondering about my blog...I have kept the posts mild and basically just about soap and a few events in my know generic n safe.
 But lately I've explored a few other peeps blogs and see a wide range of topics covered, some that are quite umm...r-rated and some just plain 'nut bar'. I'm not interested in going to either extreme but I'm debating making my blog more 'me', more thoughts, more in your face kinda stuff...but does that take away from the soap side?
 Would anyone care? 
Should I create a new 'personal only' type blog and keep this one general? 

 I decided to add another blog...more personal less soap.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Pics

Hangin with friends...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

first snow

I took a couple of pics of the lumberjack loofah soap outside yesterday. Then we got snow last night & this won't last but was cool to see. I decorated my blog just in

Friday, October 31, 2008

Treasures from the shore

Yesterday I was home & helped mom unmold a few soaps we had made. I really like the colors in them, they seem fall but still like the shore too. 

 I really like the tones in these...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Friendship online- Awards

I received my first blog awards this week. This one is from Fairy Alchemy .
Its the Friendship Around The World Award. 
This award was originally written in Spanish but it translates to highlight blogs that are interesting or special in some way, and also to extend the hand of friendship around the world. The rules say to pass it on to 8 people I think deserve the award I'll have to think who I'll pass it along to...

I also received the Brillante Weblog Award from Daisy Soap Girl. I have to pass this one along to five blogs. 
I've never done this before so bear with me if I mess it up.
Thank you both very much.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunny dog days


Yesterday I got a couple of shots of the guys enjoying the warm sun.


Loverboy the Ursabob

Thanks to everyone who keeps dropping in to read. I've been really crazy busy this last week but it has helped the time fly by. 

Mom & I had an argument about the amount of time I spend on the computer lately, so I cut back a bit but wasn't too happy about it. Then last Fri. morning I went away with my hockey team & got to get my anger out on the ice...I scored a couple, had a few assists & sent a few guys to get a closer look at the ice....ahh...sports...a great outlet. LOL

We had a good time , the weather was great & we stayed till Sunday afternoon. We even met a few nice local girls. 

When I got home I felt a bit better & mom & I talked. Later she gave me a little wool guy she had bought on Etsy. She said his description kinda reminded her of me. 
After reading it I don't know how. I'm not short...LOL

She was going to keep it till Xmas but figured I'd hear about it so she gave him to me now. 
He's called 'Loverboy the Ursabob' . Here is a link to these the store. KITLANE
His friend is a Chinese Crested bead mom had made last year.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

missing bits

Somehow I lost my blogs I visit, blog links and followers...I will be fixing this soon. If you have me on your blog & are not on this list let me know and I will add you.


I've been in a mood the last few is creeping up quickly now & I need to steer mine more now...the days of just wandering are becoming fewer & fewer...I have to have a direction to steer in I guess and while I've always felt it would be law I'm not so sure anymore. Now I'm looking at business & marketing too, but I still haven't given up on my dream...I've always wanted to be a baseball player for a living. Ever since I could swing the bat I said " I'm going to play in the MLB". I know every kid has crazy ideas like that...but I've continued mine. 

Last year was a TSN ( LOL) turning point in my ball so far...I decided not to play for a better known but further away team and instead play local one more year at a supposedly 'higher' level. The team was poorly managed however & we hardly played & since I was the strongest catcher I didn't get to pitch. The whole season was a downer for me. 

Then school ball started & I was chosen for my pitching ability as well as to catching.  I had a 2.57 pitching average, with usually 10-12 K's per game. My fastball is averaging 75 MPH. At provincials the umps commented on my abilities to the coaches & said I should be playing more serious ball. One went so far as to call a coach of a 'bigger' team and last Sat. I got a chance to show them my stuff in the freezing cold. I won't know anything for a few more days but it was good to try, to be seen at least. Update >I did not make the Canada Games team but am OK with it. Most of the guys who did are 19/20 and great players. I don't feel bad being cut from talent like that. I also received some great feedback & positive comments about my talent and was told my time will come.

It started me thinking though of the future and should I try & find a team somewhere in Canada or the US that needs a catcher/pitcher??? Perhaps look into scholarships?? Follow my dream or shake my head & look towards the real world of books & work. 

If you reading this & just happen to know a ball coach looking for a 17 yr old player with the desire to learn & continue in ball... please... share my email. LOL

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time flies by...

When I was little my great grandfather used to love playing with mom was his 'wee one' even as an adult. I became his 'little lad' and he often told everyone as I was growing that he wanted to live long enough to see me in school. Well he did... I started school Sept 6th that year and he died Sept 24th. 

My great gran is still in my life , she's 86, but has started to slow down and recently has been unwell. She now says she'd like to see me graduate so she can tell g.grampa all about it. 

I kept thinking about how quickly time flies by while your not day I'm starting school, then click, its almost over. I miss my g.grampa and his playing and his pet names for me like 'footermiskite' . He had a warm Irish accent and every now & then I'll hear one that is close & reminds me of him.

This post with my grad pic is for him.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Latest Feedback

Though I'd post a couple of new feedbacks from my Etsy site. 
These were left by the lovely & talented GoodKarma

The first is for a 'ruff lumber chunk' and the second is for a 'button soap':

First of all, this is a huge bar of soap. i mean, REALLY huge. it's going to last forever, which is awesome, because i don't think i could ever get sick of it. and, sure, it's all big and tough and manly looking. but, ladies, don't let appearances fool you. this is one of the most wonderfully creamy bars i've ever used. i am now hopelessly addicted.

This bar was so much bigger than i was expecting! and it's got a lovely comforting scent. I'm pretty sure i couldn't gotten better service anywhere else. Soapy is a dream. and since getting my package of his soap, showering is the best part of my day. :)
soap with balls rocks my world.

He sells seashells by the seashore.

Poured a few spa bars in the seashell & starfish molds. Added more course dead sea salt to the starfish shapes & the crab etc., before pouring, I like the way it gives the bars an uneven rough look. It looks like the crab has been digging in the sand around him.

Amstaff vs hose

Testimonials on my soap

I saw SoapWithBalls in a forum post a few weeks ago and was so intrigued with the fabulous shop name and even more intrigued that the avatar for a soap shop was of a young man, I just had to click! After reading the shop announcement written by his mom I really wanted to give this shop it's first sale. My family (my hard working carpenter husband, a sweaty skate boarding teenage son, and a stinky little league catcher) love handmade soap and purchase all of our soap on Etsy. When I saw the manly soap in super large sizes, I thought, this is perfect.

After my purchase, he promptly sent me a thank you convo and shipping information. The communication and customer service I received was wonderful and refreshing. After receiving my Cut Lumber 10oz. bar of soap, I proudly presented it to my dear husband and he immediately took it with him into the shower. I'll tell ya, I've never seen a cleaner man in my life! I wish you the best of luck with your shop, and I will be back when our Cut Lumber starts thinning out :)


Cut Lumber-this is a huge bar of hunky soap perfect for that dirty hunky manly man in your life. This soap is definitely ballsy and not for sissies! No foo foo girly smelling soap here!

Blackstrap Licorice-Licorice was my favorite candy when I was a kid and the smell of this soap makes me want to take a bite out of it! 

Now I'm eyeing that lilac soap, it looks lovely!

3. Blestbeads-
-Yummy, yummy, yummy...

His soaps, I mean. He sent me some incredibly luscious soaps and I am SO happy with my purchase! He is the best cabana boy ever- make sure you have all of his products for your own cabana!