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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Orange Peel Bar & Slideshows


The_Sphinx's World said...

This looks so yummy, I thought it's not soap! Hehehe... pardon my ignorance.

Welcome to blog catalog! A little tip for you, read blogs that interest you and leave comments. Whenever you do, the blog owners always follow.

Good luck!

SoapWithBalls said... ignorance in that...I often get told they look edible.

I was in your blog & see ur now in mine.
Thanks for visiting & commenting.

dcyrill said...

It looks like dessert. I love the soap buttons. Good to see more men joining the soapmaking addiction.

Rosebud Collection said...

I know what you mean..something so nice to read a comment..Well, the soap looks wonderful and you sure are doing a great job..

Robin Lynne said...

that soap looks delicious! (just saw your link on theindiego :) )

Amstaff vs hose

Testimonials on my soap

I saw SoapWithBalls in a forum post a few weeks ago and was so intrigued with the fabulous shop name and even more intrigued that the avatar for a soap shop was of a young man, I just had to click! After reading the shop announcement written by his mom I really wanted to give this shop it's first sale. My family (my hard working carpenter husband, a sweaty skate boarding teenage son, and a stinky little league catcher) love handmade soap and purchase all of our soap on Etsy. When I saw the manly soap in super large sizes, I thought, this is perfect.

After my purchase, he promptly sent me a thank you convo and shipping information. The communication and customer service I received was wonderful and refreshing. After receiving my Cut Lumber 10oz. bar of soap, I proudly presented it to my dear husband and he immediately took it with him into the shower. I'll tell ya, I've never seen a cleaner man in my life! I wish you the best of luck with your shop, and I will be back when our Cut Lumber starts thinning out :)


Cut Lumber-this is a huge bar of hunky soap perfect for that dirty hunky manly man in your life. This soap is definitely ballsy and not for sissies! No foo foo girly smelling soap here!

Blackstrap Licorice-Licorice was my favorite candy when I was a kid and the smell of this soap makes me want to take a bite out of it! 

Now I'm eyeing that lilac soap, it looks lovely!

3. Blestbeads-
-Yummy, yummy, yummy...

His soaps, I mean. He sent me some incredibly luscious soaps and I am SO happy with my purchase! He is the best cabana boy ever- make sure you have all of his products for your own cabana!